France Bans Single Use Plastic

France Bans Single Use Plastic

France, First Country to Ban Plastic Plates, Cups and Utensils

You’ve heard of Starbucks’ pledge to eliminate all their plastic drinking straws globally by 2020. You’ve seen California, Hawaii and New York all banning plastic bags on a statewide level. But have you seen France, hitting it out of the park by becoming the first country in the world to ban plastic plates, cups and utensils. 

Starting in 2020, the sweeping ban will go into law in an effort to curb the effects of global warming. From there on, the only disposable cutlery and plates allowed will be those made from compostable, biosourced materials, such as TwentyFifty Spoons

TwentyFifty vs other 'compostable' brands

(On the left, a current 'compostable' spoon, on the right a TwentyFifty spoon after 10 days)

The ban is a welcome ruling to fight the ongoing plastic crisis occurring right now, worldwide. Did you know literally billions of plastic forks, knives and spoons are thrown away each year? And they’re among the items most deadly to sea turtles, birds and mammals? They’re also the seventh most common item to be found on a beach cleanup, according to non-profit 5gyres. Not surprising, when you realize 91% of plastic globally is not recycled.

TwentyFifty offers a solution. Not only does our compostable cutlery biodegrade in 30 days or less in your home compost, but it also helps fertilize. For each utensil, there is 2.7 cents in equivalent fertilizer value, so each piece helps enrich the soil it ends up in. It’s time to stop the throwaway culture of plastic silverware, and embrace a biodegradable alternative.

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